Our facilities enable us to carry out a diverse range of academic and extra-curricular activities. Our grounds, buildings and facilities are well maintained and facilitate our varied curriculum. 


Swimming Pool

All of our students have a weekly swimming lesson in our 25m covered swimming pool.


Primary Playgrounds

Our Primary School students have large areas of both covered and uncovered play areas to use at break time and lunchtime.


Kindergarten Playgrounds

Our Kindergarten students have designated play areas. We have both indoor and outdoor play equipment, as well as a soft-play area for our youngest students.


Athletics Track

Our 200m outdoor athletics track, used for weekly PE lessons and sports clubs,  as well as sporting events and competitions.


Football Pitch

Our large covered AstroTurf, used for our  PE lessons and sports clubs.



Our school library has a wide selection of English and Thai books for children of all ages.


Science Lab

Our fully equipped science lab is used to teach Science to all students across the school. Practical science activities enable our Thai and English speaking Science teachers to engage students, helping them to develop important skills, understand the process of scientific investigation and develop a broad understanding of scientific concepts.


Computer Suite

Our 20-station computer suite, in addition to our smaller study room with 10 computers, is used for weekly computing lessons, as well as computing clubs held after school.


School Garden

Our school garden is a place where all students can acquire skills in cultivating crops and learn about taking care of our environment.


Purpose-built Classrooms

All of our classrooms have been build and designed with our students in mind. Our classrooms provide a warm and inviting learning environment for all of our students.



We have two infirmary rooms where students can go if they feel unwell during the school day.