The School Houses

                 At Oonrak Koh Samui School, all students and staff belong to one of three Houses; Garuda, Kinnara and Makara.

The House names represent mythological characters, depicted in the culture of Thailand, and many other countries around South-East Asia.

Students and staff are allocated a House when they first join Oonrak. Siblings are put into the same House to encourage house spirit both at school and at home. All students will remain in the same House throughout their time at Oonrak School.

The House System is a traditional feature of many schools, which originated in the UK, encouraging friendship, teamwork, and leadership. House systems are used to promote a healthy competitive spirit amongst students, staff and parents. It ensures that every student plays a vital role in the school, with each student contributing to their House.

Students at Oonrak School participate in many sporting, academic and team-building House events throughout the year. Students have the opportunity to obtain House Points on a daily basis, for commitment to all areas of school life. These are some of the ways that the Houses will be used throughout the school year:

  • Academic Points
  • Sports Day
  • Swimming Galas
  • Inter-House Sports Competitions
  • School Event Days
  • Games and Competitions